RPM Challenge: 2009

by robin hilton

This year’s RPM Challenge — write and record an entire album in one month — is under way. That’s roughly a song every three days. My first one for the challenge is called “Rabbit.” The vocals on the second half of the song aren’t very good, but I have to move on for now.


  Aryn Crowley wrote @

Nice start… reminds me of grandaddy. How much of this is done with midi drums or samples vs live guitars/keyboards/things? It sounds very cohesive regardless so maybe it doesn’t matter.. Good luck with the rest of the month.. I should probably start calling in sick to get some work done for ours…

  rob5286 wrote @

Thx! The only “real” instrument is a nylon string guitar. Even the “electric” guitar that comes in later is really a nylon string guitar running through some effects. Everything else — bass, drums, atmospherics, etc. — is all done with Reason and Live. Yes.. I may have to “throw my back out” this month to get more done.

  bob boilen wrote @

I like this a lot.
great work.
the bassline at the top reminds me of Walk on the Wild Side.

  Brandy Barents wrote @

I love this–gives “Summer of ’69” a run for its money, and I love the line, “We have a plan but no getaway car.” Also really, really like the vocals on this–and the KICKBUTT electric Youngian fade-in. (I have no music lingo, so please forgive my inept description.) What I’m saying is, it rocks.

  Interlude No. 1 (I’ve Got Bad News) « smallgoodthing wrote @

[…] of my ideas for this year’s RPM Challenge is to drop little instrumental interludes into the mix. This is my first one: “Interlude No. […]

  JUDY HILTON wrote @

How mournful and disturbing. I like it.

  Dirt « smallgoodthing wrote @

[…] pm · Filed under Music I was able to come up with five new songs in the first week of the RPM Challenge: two vocal pieces and three short […]

  aaron wrote @

this is great, you’ve been holding out on us!

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