Two More Instrumentals

by robin hilton

I’ve done a third vocal piece for this year’s RPM, but I’m not really happy with it, yet. In the meantime, here are a couple more instrumental interludes I did. The audio at the beginning of “Interlude No. 3” is from my 5th birthday.

Interlude No. 3

Interlude No. 4


  Mike wrote @

Listening again tonight. These sound really great; eerie yet beautiful at same time. Keep it up.


  rob5286 wrote @

Thx. As always, there’s a lot I’d do differently with more time. I thought of making No. 4 a lot more epic, adding drums, maybe even vocals.. but it’ll do for now.

  Aryn wrote @

Just checking in with your status.. These are sounding good. I’ve always thought that old recording of children have either a strange sadness or creepyness to them.. This one would work well as a film soundtrack somewhere.

  rob5286 wrote @

I agree. I’m really lucky to have all these old recordings. My dad always had a tape recorder running somewhere in the room when I was growing up.

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