Another Roadside Attraction

by robin hilton

After four very short weeks, I’ve finished my CD for this year’s RPM Challenge (to write and record an entire album in one month). It’s called “Another Roadside Attraction.”

cover for another roadside attraction

You can download the entire album, or listen to individual tracks below.

I apologize in advance for some of the horribly painful singing. And given more time, I’d do a lot of things differently with the production. But there are some moments where it almost sounds like I know what I’m doing. All in all, I’m just glad I made the completely artificial and meaningless deadline to get it all done in a month:

1. Intro

2. Stay

3. I’ve Got Bad News

4. Rabbit

5. Happy Birthday To Me

6. Dirt

7. The Holidays

8. A Strange And Beautiful World

9. Another Roadside Attraction

10. The End


  dan miles wrote @

i like it. it reminds me of Roger Waters at times and Elton John at other times.

  It Was Over Before We Began « smallgoodthing wrote @

[…] to produce an entire album from scratch in February. Previous RPM Challenges led to 2009’s Another Roadside Attraction, these songs from 2008, and these from […]

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