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Open Secret: The Score

by robin hilton

This week I finished all the music for the ‘Open Secret’ documentary, which will be debuting later this month at the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto. I ended up writing and recording 21 songs for the film and have a few samples below.

Screenshot from the film 'Open Secret'

‘Open Secret’ is about a guy who, when he was 18 years old, discovered that everything he’d been brought up to believe about himself was a lie. His parents weren’t who they said they were. His brothers and sisters weren’t who they said they were, and everyone in the town where he lived knew the truth, but kept it from him.

“Anxious and Fearful”
This is a short little piece coming out of an interview with someone who said they were too afraid to tell the truth.


“The Phone Call”
This is a longer piece that had to go through a number of transitions and mood shifts. It goes with a pretty intense phone call in the movie.


“The High School Reunion”
This was actually one of the rejected songs I did. But I thought it was a nice little piece. As the title suggests, it was for a scene at a high school reunion. I ended up writing four different songs for this scene before the director and editor heard one they thought really worked. But this one is still my favorite.

Film: Open Secret

This is the latest funding trailer for the documentary Open Secret, produced and directed by Steve Lickteig. You can follow details of the production at our new Facebook page for the film.

National Geographic: Photo Camp

This promo for a kids photography camp hosted by National Geographic was produced and edited by Jim Webb. Music by Robin Hilton.

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Cotton Road

Laura Kissel’s “Cotton Road” follows the production cycle of a global agricultural commodity through the stories of US farmers, migrant laborers, cotton merchants, Chinese textile workers, and consumers, illuminating the global trade in cotton and the connection between workers in the United States and China. At the nexus of this story of labor, economics, and consumerism is a small cotton seed, planted in a field in South Carolina in late spring. Though the story originates in a cotton field, it culminates at a discount store with the sale of mass produced cotton clothing. “Cotton Road” travels from farm to factory to reveal this industrial story: planting and harvest, mechanized ginning, the transportation of 420,000 bales through the port of Savannah and across the ocean to Shanghai. Once in China, cotton bales are conveyed to factory cities, transformed from bale to textile, from textile to product and exported as cotton commodified into clothing, back to the American South.

Cotton Road Blog

Open Secret

by steve lickteig

What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was wrong? Who your siblings were? Your parents? Even your heritage? Now imagine that everybody knew the truth except you. Open Secret tells the true story of how a farm boy from Kansas discovered who his adoptive family really was, his connection to the Holocaust and why it took 30 years to uncover the truth.

Watch the trailer:

Visit the Official Site for ‘Open Secret.’