National Geographic: Photo Camp

This promo for a kids photography camp hosted by National Geographic was produced and edited by Jim Webb. Music by Robin Hilton.

It Was Over Before We Began

The album, written and recorded in one month, is called It Was Over Before We Began (never a more appropriate album title), and the band is Golden Days (Robin Hilton, Mike Katzif, Meg Ruddick).

Cover for It Was Over Before We Began

This was produced as part of the RPM Challenge, an annual invitation to musicians worldwide to produce an entire album from scratch in February. Previous RPM Challenges led to 2009’s Another Roadside Attraction, these songs from 2008, and these from 2007.

Download the entire album (Right-click or control-click to save to your computer)

01. It Was Over Before We Began

02. Year Of Dreams

03. Mind Control

04. Pig

05. Come Tomorrow

06. It’s A Weakness

07. Captain Kid

08. Bone Fragments

09. Scene